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About our Adelaide owned and operated family business

Creative Renovations & Alterations offers a complete building service from initial concepts, council applications to complete construction. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with clients to deliver projects on time, to budget and to the very highest standard of craftsmanship.

All framing timber used is H2 termite treated timber

Now more than ever with the increased costs associated with moving within the Adelaide area and the pressures this places on the family eg:

  • Searching for a new home to suit your needs
  • Selling the family home
  • Moving away from friends and family
  • New schools, sporting clubs for the kids
  • Establishing yourself within a new community
  • Stamp duty, New loan

The more practical & economical alternative may be to look at renovating your existing family home to create the room you require to meet your needs, whether it be extra bedrooms for the kids, office, master bedroom, living areas, home theatre or extra storage.

Creative Renovations & alterations can work with you to achieve this in several ways by creating Attic Rooms, Attic  Utility Rooms, Second Storey Extensions.

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Turning a previously unthought-of-area in your Attic, into functional Attic Rooms. One of the major benefits of creating Attic Rooms is that they have minimal visual impact on the charm & characteristics of your current home.

Attic Rooms offer an alternative form of construction to create the extra room or rooms you require. The creation of an Attic Room has minimal impact on the family routine as access to construct your Attic Room is done via external means.



Purpose built Attic Utility Rooms to give you a place to put all those items that may be filling up the spare room, taking up room in the garage where the car should be, or for the kids stuff when they leave home often to return.

An Attic Utility Room allows you more freedom to de-clutter your home without the need to throw things away. Other uses for an Attic Utility Room may be library, computer room, kids play room, guests room, storage area or whatever your requirements may be.